New Service- Pool Leak Locations

New Service- Pool Leak Locations

New Service- Pool Leak Locations

Are you losing water in your pool weekly?

Is your water bill higher than usual?

Is there a damp area in your yard?

You could have a pool pipe leaking underground that you can’t see. Dutra has the technology to find the path of your pipe, then locate the area. We will be using a small camera that can fit into a 1″ pipe. We will be able to see the inside the pipe and understand what the problem could be.

Leak Tuner for Leak Detection


Helium Locator

After knowing the path, the pipe is then charged with air. Since the pipe is charged with constant air pressure, we can listen for the leak. We use a Leak Tuner which will help us determine the approximate area the air is coming from. The air will produce a noise that sounds like a hissing. We then mark the area where we think the leak is coming from.

We then will introduce Helium into the pipe. Helium is lighter than air and 2nd smallest particle. This allows the Helium to pass through the pipe and soil faster and with ease. The Helium will find the area where the air/water was leaking from and pass directly vertical through the crack up to the surface. Our Helium Locator will read the consistency of Helium in the air and will give us an exact location of where the break in the pipe is. We find the biggest concentration of Helium, that is where the pipe is definitely broken.

Most pools have paver and hardscape around the pool. To replace the entire line would be costly with having to replace pavers and concrete. By finding the crack, a small area will have to be disturbed and will bring down the costs of the overall repair.

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