Camera Line Inspection Services

Sewer pipe inspection cameras are crucial in assessing a sewer line. Without them, a simple sewer line repair can become expensive and have extensive damage your property.

We have cameras able to inspect 1 inch pipes up to 2 foot diameter pipes. We have a large range of cameras!

Most homeowners will have an idea of how far out a problem would be in the sewer line. This information comes from the drain cleaning contractors that have written receipts and offer a footage of approximately how far the problem could be.

The main advantages to using a sewer inspection camera are:

  1. Ability to see the type of pipe and what the problem is or will be in the sewer line (Knowing what fittings and pipe is needed to fix the problem)
  2. How far out the problem is from the assess point (Less damage to property)
  3. The depth of the sewer line (crucial to giving a competitive price)
  4. Location (Less damage to your problem)
  5. Recording for your insurance company.


Here is an example from a residential sewer line that is Orangeburg pipe. The pipe is tar and paper and over the years, the pipe becomes warped and deformed allowing for roots and sections of pipe to break.


Here is another video inspection of  4 inch cast iron pipe. The customer was having back ups and was getting a sewer cleaning once a month. The drain cleaner wrote that approx. 13 feet out was where he was clearing the sewer line for the back up. On the top right of the screen you will see a footage counter showing how far we are into the sewer pipe we are. We found from inspecting the sewer line, there was a fitting installed incorrectly that was causing flow to go backwards up another pipe which was causing build up and lead to a back up.


Here is a sewer inspection of a clay lateral that has major root infiltration. This sewer line was in a emergency condition. The roots had cracked the clay pipe and was collapsing. We did a trenchless sewer line repair to remove the damaged clay and replace with HDPE pipe.

Pipe Bursting

This is one technique we have to replace a sewer line on your property without major damage. We are able to replace a sewer line over 200 feet long without disturbing the ground atop of the pipe. There as major advantages to pipe bursting:

  1. This technique is cost effective, less cost on the homeowner after the line is replaced
    • We will not excavate your driveway, sidewalk, hardscape, and we will also go under trees and other major utilities.
  2. Your old sewer line is removed and a new, stronger, joint less pipe will be installed.
  3. You will be back in service much faster.
    • We can install over 150 feet of pipe in one day. That means less time that you have to wait to use your shower and toilets. This is very convenient.
    • Excavating would take a couple days, leaving you in a hotel or in-laws house to wait for the install to be done.

Root Treatment

Dutra is experienced concerning how to treat and prevent roots from entering your sewer line as a top sewer company in Bergen County NJ. Our root treatment service involves a three-part process:

  • Assessment of the existing or potential root infiltration into your lines
  • Execute a plan to address your roots problem
  • Follow up to make sure your sewer line is working properly.

Roots can cause major collapses in your sewer line. Once roots get inside your sewer line, if the roots expands within the joint of a pipe, the pipe has to crack in order to allow the growth of the root. With the chemicals used, they will push roots away from your sewer line and increase the lifespan of your sewer line.

Sewer Install & Repair

Our company has been performing sewer installation and sewer repair in Bergen County NJ for over 30 years. We have become an industry leader in innovation and knowledge of underground piping. We change with the times by keeping up to date with technology, such as locaters and trackers, which assist us to complete the job in a timely and correct manner. Dutra Excavating & Sewer does an average of 350 sewer repairs and installs each year and our business is growing.

Utility Location

Dutra has the technology to locate sewer lines, water lines, and even sprinkler lines that are buried in your front yard. We use this technology to ensure that we will not damage any existing pipes and preserve your landscape

Water Line Repair

Dutra Sewer and Water has installed water lines in Bergen County for more than 25 years. Additionally, we have offered 24-hour emergency response to water line breaks for over 10 years.

Dutra has the equipment to sleeve a new line through your old water line without disturbing any landscape and there is no trench across your front yard. This cuts down on the cost and disturbance to your property. Call today for a free estimate!


Safety Training

Dutra makes and effort to be educated and comply with the most up to date OSHA standards. Safety is crucial to every job Dutra does. This is what puts Dutra above their competitors.

  1. Confined Space
  2. Trench Safety
  3. OSHA


Dutra can repair drainage on all levels. From your landscape drains to your footing drains. Their inspection cameras can pinpoint the issues in your drainage system so you won’t have to replace the entire system, most of the time the problem is a crushed pipe!!

Manhole Rehabilitation

Dutra is an expert in manhole rehabilitation in Bergen County NJ. Over time, manholes corrode and deteriorate, making them dangerous and vulnerable to collapse. Additionally, aged manholes are susceptible to root infiltration. As an experienced sewer service company in Bergen County NJ have the training and skill to resolve every manhole problem they encounter.

If you need a sewer company in Passaic County NJ or the rest of the local area, Dutra Sewer Service is the only choice you’ll need. We have been providing service to the local area for over 30 years and take pride in the level of quality we offer.

Sewer Installation In Passaic County NJ

Sewer installation in Essex County NJ and other areas is one of our specialties at Dutra Sewer Service. This is what our business was based on when we began in the mid-1970s. We bring our unparalleled attention to detail to each job we perform and never compromise when it comes to quality.

Sewer Repair In Bergen County NJ

If you need emergency sewer service in Bergen County NJ or other local areas, Dutra Sewer Service is standing by to assist you. If you have a water line break or other emergency it pays to know who to call. We are skilled when it comes to detecting issues and also have the latest technology on our side. This ensures that repairs can be performed quickly and effectively. We want to be there when you need us the most, and we are highly responsive. Give us a call if you need any kind of emergency sewer repair.

Trenchless Sewer Repair In Essex County NJ

As a leading sewer company, we specialize in trenchless sewer repair in Bergen County NJ and other local areas. With this type of repair, we can install pipes by digging a hole at either end and inserting the new pipe inside the old one, instead of digging a trench. This type of repair allows us to keep any digging to a minimum, resulting in a quicker, cheaper repair that causes minimal damage to your landscape.

Sewer Camera Inspection In Bergen County NJ

We keep up to date with the latest technology for sewer repair in Essex County NJ. With top quality video camera services we can identify issues in your pipe much more quickly and effectively. This allows us to dig only where we need to and saves you money in the long run.

Sewer Service Company In Rockland County NY

If you need any kind of municipal, commercial or residential sewer service in Passaic County NJ and other local areas, be sure to call us right away at Dutra Sewer Service.