Dutra Sewer & Water has been the top selection of local residents that have been in need of a commercial, residential or municipal sewer service for sewer repair in Essex County NJ, Passaic County NJ, Rockland County NY, and Bergen County NJ. We take pride in the level of customer satisfaction we’re capable of offering as a result of the fact that we use high quality materials and advanced techniques. We have gained such a strong reputation in the local area for this reason among others. We provide a wide variety of kinds of sewer service, therefore you are able to count on us being able to address your needs. Since 1976, our family owned company has been setting the standard in terms of sewer install or repair, making us a top pick when you require a commercial, residential or municipal sewer service in Pomona NY.

Sewer Repairs Pomona NY

As a top choice for a municipal sewer service in Pomona NY, we specialize in manhole rehabilitation. This is an important service because of the fact that manholes are going to deteriorate and corrode as time goes on. Older manholes may also be penetrated by roots, which will be a serious problem. Before this problem becomes too great and they deteriorate completely, we have the ability to perform service on these manholes to deal with this situation. Manhole rehabilitation is merely one among the numerous sewer services Dutra Sewer & Water has the capacity to provide as a trusted commercial sewer service in Pomona NY.

Sewer Service North NJ

As a top commercial, municipal, and residential sewer service in the local region we offer advanced services for sewer leak detection and water pipe burst repair in Pomona NY and the rest of North NJ. Ripping up your lawn and house is now completely unnecessary thanks to this excellent technique. This service entails breaking apart the old pipe underground while inserting a new pipe to take its place. The repairs take place entirely underground. This means there is no dependence on high-priced trench work, saving you a considerable amount of money. If you really need a residential sewer company for sewer leak detection and trenchless water pipe repair in Pomona NY, all you have to do is contact the specialists at Dutra Sewer & Water now.

Pipe Burst Repair Pomona NY

It does not matter if you need sewer installation or sewer pipe burst repair in Pomona NY or the rest of the Northern NJ region. Dutra Sewer & Water is here to get the job done right. Get in touch with us today at (201) 930-1229 to find out what we’re able to do for you.

Sewer Leak Inspection Pomona NY

At Dutra Sewer & Water, we do not just specialize as a commercial sewer service company in Pomona NY. In addition , we perform a wide variety of residential sewer services as well. Whatever needs you have when it comes to drainage repair, our pros will use cutting edge techniques and tools to handle the issue. With advanced camera techniques, pinpointing the precise cause of and location of any problem you are experiencing with your pipes will be easy. The innovative techniques we offer for sewer leak inspection in Pomona NY have the capacity for saving you not only a great deal of time but money as well. This because we are able to supply you with an estimate that’s more accurate, and will be avoid to avoid an extensive repair which will result in damage to your property and take a great deal of time to complete.