If you’re looking for a company for comprehensive sewer install and sewer repairs in Essex County NJ and surrounding areas, you can depend on Dutra Sewer & Water to do the work on schedule and on budget. Since 1976, our team has provided an extensive selection of residential, commercial, and municipal sewer installation and repair services. We attribute the increasing need for our sewer services and water line repairs to the fact that we utilize the newest technology to maintain our affordable prices and to reduce the amount of digging we do. By offering innovative solutions and unsurpassed customer care, we’ve become a highly recommended sewer service company in Piermont NY and the rest of North NJ, for residential and municipal sewer service.

Sewer Repairs Piermont NY

Dutra Sewer & Water provides residential sewer installs in Essex County New Jersey and surrounding areas, in addition to water line repair, which aren’t merely effective but are reasonably priced. One way we are able to do this is through the use of a camera to inspect your lines to locate the problem and determine the best solution to your water and sewer line troubles. Through the use of pipe bursting and pipe lining, we’re able to repair damaged and aging pipes without the necessity for significant digging on your property. By exceeding our residential customer’s expectations, we’re a highly regarded residential sewer service in Piermont NY.

Residential Sewer Service Piermont NY

Our commitment to completing the work on schedule and on budget when working on water and sewer lines is one of the reasons Dutra Sewer is respected as a leading commercial and municipal sewer service in Piermont NY. For instance, we provide professional manhole rehabilitation to reduce the liability risks posed by deteriorating manholes. Dutra also supplies 24-hour emergency water line services for local businesses and residents that reduce the potential damage caused by leaking or damaged pipes. Contact Dutra Sewer & Water for a recommended municipal sewer service for manhole rehabilitation and sewer repairs in Piermont NY.

Water Line Repair Piermont NY

To learn more regarding the services we supply such as installation or sewer repair call us at Dutra Sewer & Water at (201) 930-1229.