A leading choice for a sewer company in Essex County NJ and surrounding areas for residential and commercial sewer service who meets the sewer installation and repair requirements of local businesses and residents is Dutra Water And Sewer. During the last 40 years, we’ve built our reputation by providing the best quality sewer repair and installation services for every one of our customers. We attribute the growing interest in our sewer services and water line repairs to the fact that we utilize the latest technology to maintain our affordable prices and to reduce the amount of digging we do. By supplying effective solutions to our customers’ water and sewer problems, as well as personalized service and first-class sewer service industry knowledge, Dutra Sewer & Water has become a highly regarded local sewer service company for residential and municipal sewer service in Upper Saddle River NJ.

Sewer Repairs Upper Saddle River NJ

Dutra Sewer & Water offers residential sewer installs in Essex County New Jersey and surrounding areas, as well as water line repair, which are not only effective but are fairly priced. By utilizing state-of-the-art camera inspections, we’re able to determine the reason for your water and sewer line issues without the need to dig unsightly trenches on your property. By using pipe bursting and pipe lining, we’re able to fix damaged and aging pipes without the need for significant digging on your property. Moreover, we are a leading sewer company residents trust for residential sewer repair in Upper Saddle River NJ.

Sewer Company Upper Saddle River NJ

Our commitment to keeping on schedule and on budget when working on water and sewer lines is among the reasons Dutra Sewer is respected as a top commercial and municipal sewer service in Upper Saddle River NJ. Among our most asked for services is manhole rehabilitation because it reduces the dangers due to deteriorating manholes. Furthermore, we help business and home owners prevent the costs associated with water damage by providing 24-hour emergency water line services. Contact Dutra Sewer & Water for a leading municipal sewer service for manhole rehabilitation and sewer repair in Upper Saddle River NJ.

Sewer Install Upper Saddle River NJ

If you are in need of a quick, cost efficient and effective solution to your sewer and water line difficulties, call a leading municipal sewer service in Northern NJ, – Dutra Sewer & Water at (201) 930-1229.