When you require municipal sewer service in Passaic County NJ, Bergen County NJ, Rockland County NY and Essex County NJ and you’re trying to find a company you can count on, your first pick should be Dutra Sewer & Water. As it pertains to water line and sewer installation and repair, we provide a broad range of services for business and homeowners. When it comes to your home or business, you don’t only want to rely on anyone for the job. If you are making the investment in hiring a sewer service company it’s essential to make certain you are obtaining the quality you require. You’d be hard pressed to discover a better choice out there considering that we come incredibly highly recommended and have been supplying premium quality service to the local area since 1976. We are also skilled as it pertains to working in confined spaces and consistently put safety first. This is why such a large number of customers in need of a commercial, residential or municipal sewer service in Rochelle Park NJ or the rest of the local region call Dutra Sewer & Water for all their requirements.

Sewer Install Rochelle Park NJ

Dutra Sewer & Water has been handling high quality sewer repair in Rochelle Park NJ and other related services for over 25 years. In that time we’ve gained a reputation in the local area for quality of service and customer satisfaction which is unmatched. We provide 24 hour emergency response service for water line breaks and other urgent needs, meaning we’ll always be there when you need us. We want to make certain the job is completed right, which is why we have cutting edge equipment and a great deal of experience. If you are trying to find a leading company for sewer repairs in Rochelle Park NJ call us right away.

Trenchless Water Pipe Repair Rochelle Park NJ

If you are searching for trenchless sewer pipe repair in Passaic County NJ, Bergen County NJ, Essex County NJ and Rockland County NY, this is one of the things we specialize at Dutra Sewer & Water. This is a specialized approach to installing replacement pipe which is not only cost effective, but is going to reduce the amount of damage to your property. You may think it’s going to be impossible to replace pipes under challenging spaces such as patios and driveways. If not impossible, you may be expecting extensive excavation of your property. With the trenchless pipe bursting services we employ this isn’t going to be the case. We love nothing more that supplying you with new pipe lining that will last for years to come, standing the test of time. Get in touch with us for an expert in trenchless water pipe repair in Rochelle Park NJ.

Water Pipe Inspection Bergen County NJ

An essential part of our work as a water and sewer company is our camera services such as water pipe or sewer leak detection in Rochelle Park NJ. This enables us to get an exact idea of what we are dealing with when it comes to any repair job which will assist us in becoming more prepared, saving you considerable money in the long run. The cutting edge equipment we employ means that a job that’s completed right is something you’re always capable of relying on. This additionally means a minimal degree of excavation and damage to your property since we can easily evaluate issues from farther away. Dutra Sewer & Water is standing by to supply the service you need if you need water pipe or sewer leak detection in Rochelle Park NJ.